Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a roof restoration take?

Typically, a roof restoration will usually take 2–4 days. However, like most trade work, it really depends on how much work is involved, weather conditions and public holidays.

Do you work in the rain?

We can pressure clean the roof in the rain, but the application of pointing and coatings has to be done on dry days, as they can wash off in the rain.

Do you give free quotes?

Yes, Central Coast Roof Restoration gives free quotations. Our qualified roof tiler will come to your house to check your roof and give the best advice for your situation with a hassle-free, no-obligation quotation. At Central Coast Roof Restoration, you're dealing with tradesmen not salesmen.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

All roofs are different, not just in size and shape but also the state that a roof is in and how many tiles need to be replaced. To give you a costing for a roof restoration, we really need to see your roof. But our prices are very competitive and represent great value for your money.

Do you make a mess?

It is unavoidable that things will get messy, especially when we high-pressure clean, but we assure you that the Central Coast Roof Restoration team goes to great lengths to ensure your house and surrounding areas are left spotless. We also wash and clean your gutters.

Is your work safe?

There is always a certain risk factor involved in working on roofs. However, all our tradesmen and supervisors have been practicing work-safe procedures and meet all WHS requirements, ensuring all our staff work in the safest possible conditions.

Is Central Coast Roof Restoration insured?

Central Coast Roof Restoration has public liability insurance to the amount of $20 million, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event that there should be any damage to your property as a result of our work.

Is your work guaranteed?

Central Coast Roof Restoration gives you warranties on the different products' manufacturers, as well as a 7-year warranty on all workmanship.

Are your coatings safe for drinking water?

Your roof is a major structure of your home and one of the main elements that determines how your house looks.

Benefits of a roof restore

As well as the obvious benefits, an old tired roof will make your entire house look old, while a fully restored roof will instantly make your whole home look new and appealing to the eye. It can add many thousands of dollars of value to the price of your home.